2017-11-29, 周三
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Leo Lorenz: Power Semiconductor Devices: Key Enabling Technology for Future Power Electronic System Development



                  报 人:Leo Lorenz 教授

                 工作单位:Infineon Technologies, ECPE (European Center of Power Electronics)



LEO LORENZ received the M.Eng. degree from Univ. of Berlin Germany in 1976 and the PhD. degree (first class Hons.) from University of Munich in 1984 (Germany). He owns an IEEE- Fellowship since 2006 and is a Member of German Academy of Science since 2005. He is currently Technology Advisor for New Power Semiconductor Devices at Infineon Technologies Munich. From 1988 to 1998 he was Senior Director at Siemens responsible for Power Semiconductor Devices in Automotive & Industrial Application. From 1998 to 2012 he served as Senior Principle in Application and Concept Engineering for all power semiconductor Technologies in Munich/Singapore/Shanghai. In this field he has published more than 400 Journal/conference papers with a high citation rate and is the owner of many basic patents. He gave more than 80 key note presentations at high level Summits and Conferences.


To protect our environment is the key technology driver in the future and the main challenge we are faced with. Power electronics is an enabling technology and contribute significantly to achieve this target. 3 main fields of applications generate almost 40% of the CO2 Emission. Therefore it´s important to think about of how to generate el. Energy in the future, of how to manage the traffic system in the future and of how to run the factories in the future. For these 3 fields of application: renewable energy technology, E-Mobility and SMART Factory will be shown and discussed what is the impact on power electronics development and how to tailor the future generation of power devices. How contribute WB devices to the future challenges in terms of efficiency, power density reliability and cost for the 3 applications mentioned above.